Carbon Nanotube Translocation 

Rendering of a single-wall carbon nanotube being translocated through a solid-state nanopore

DNA entering a nanopore

Artistic rendering of a DNA molecule traslocation through  a solid-state nanopore.

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Hybrid Nanopore Formation 

Artistic rendering of an alpha hemolysin protein pore being pulled electrophoretically into a solid state nanopore

Nanopore array in Silicon Nitride

3D rendering of a SEM image showing nanopores fabricated in a 50 nm silicon nitride membrane. Pore diameters range from ~5-15 nm.

JSNN Logo in Si

The JSNN logo milled in a silicon wafer using our Orion Helium Ion Microscope. Patterning took ~1 min and the thinnest lines are on the order of 10 nm across.

Nanotube paddle device

False-color SEM image of a gold brick (center) on an individual single-wall carbon nanotube suspended over a silicon substrate.