4.29.13  New paper published in Microscopy and Microanalysis

A new paper is now available in the Early View section of the journal Microscopy and Microanalysis today, detailing a method of determining the thickness of a suspended thin film in situ in a helium ion microscope using image brightness. M&M is a top-ranked journal in the field (impact factor 3.007).
4.26.13  NanoDays 2013!

Unable to sate our endless apetite for outreach, the group headed over to Raleigh to take part in the annual NanoDays event at NC State University with our friend and collaborator Gail Jones. Everyone had a demo and presented to huge numbers of kids- early estimates were in the thousands!

4.11.13  Gateway to Science at JSNN

We helped organize a large outreach event at the JSNN called "Gateway to Science", which was designed to pique the interests of K-12 students from around the area through demonstrations, lab tours, and mini-symposia. The entire group took part in the event, with some performing demos for large groups of students and some leading visitors around the building. The event also marked the launch of our local chapter of Girls In Science and Technology (GIST), which aims to increase the presence of young women in the STEM fields. The entire day was a big success with hundreds of Triad area participants coming through and cooperation from other organizations like the Girl Scouts and The Greensboro Science Center.

2.4.13  Group poster presentations at BPS

The group presented four posters at this year's Biophysical Society meeting in Philadelphia. Each of our presentations sparked good conversations and gave us an opportunity to interact with others in the field. It was a great conference and we appreciated all the feedback!


11.14.12  Michael passes his prelim exam

Michael Marshall presented a talk entitled "
Solid-state nanopores: a new platform for DNA biomarker discovery", which was accepted by his committee as a plan for moving forward with his dissertation work. Congratulations, Michael!

10.16.12  Review on torsional NEMS devices published in Reports on Progress in Physics

A review by Adam and collaborators at UNC Chapel
Hill and James Madison University has been published online. The paper is entitled "Torsional electromechanical devices based on carbon nanotubes" and discusses work on a specific type of system that allows torsional mechanical and electromechanical studies of individual nanotubes to be performed. Check our publications page for more.

09.05.12  Nanopore review published in Microscopy Today

A review by Adam entitled "Solid-state nanopores: From fabrication to application" i
s currently in print in Microscopy Today. The article talks about various means of producing nanopore devices, including the HIM technique demonstrated by our group, and describes some of the current research thrusts that the system is being used for. Check our publications page for more.

08.27.12  Welcome Autumn Carlsen!

We are excited to have Dr. Autumn Carlsen join our lab as a postdoctoral fellow! Autumn got her PhD from SUNY Albany and then went on to do a postdoc at the 
Laboratoire de Chemie des Polymeres Organiques in Pessac, France. She has spent time interning at the university of Dresden and at IBM and most recently spent some time as an instructor at the College de L'Estey in Bordeaux. She has joined our group to work on nanopore measurements. Welcome to the group!
05.17.12  Welcome new lab members!

We are happy to be adding new graduate students to the lab starting this summer! Welcome to Furat Sawafta and Osama Zahid. Furat has a background in biomedical engineering while Osama comes to us with experience in molecular biology. They are 
both rising second year students and great additions for our research directions. 
04.27.12  Nanodays 2012

The group traveled to Raleigh again this year to take part in Nanodays- an outreach event coordinated with the Science Olympiad and intended to give middle- and highschool students an experience with nanoscale science. We performed demos and brought a poster detailing some of our research. A fun time was had by all! 
02.15.12  Orion Users Meeting

Adam gave an invited presentation on HIM usage in nanopore research to a group of Orion users in Enschede, The Netherlands. The event was sponsored by Zeiss and hosted by Mesa+ and the University of Twente. Lots of interesting talks on the applications of the new technology.
02.13.12  New journal article in Scanning

A new manuscript from the group in the journal 
Scanning is now available on the Early View. The paper describes the milling of free-standing thin films of silicon nitride using the Helium Ion Microscope. It's also, to our knowledge, the first paper featuring a JSNN PhD candidate as first author. Congratulations, Michael!

02.10.12  Invited talk at Nanopores conference

Adam gave an invited talk at the Zing Nanopores conference in Lanzarote, Spain (in the Canary Islands). He spoke to the nanopore community on HIM fabrication techniques, got some excellent feedback, and made some great new connections. Thanks to our research partners at Carl Zeiss for sponsorship!
12.07.11  Grand opening of the JSNN building

The gala event opening the JSNN building for research took place, with several special guests in attendance, including Gov. Bev Perdue and Tom Ross, president of the UNC system. Listen to the NPR story, watch a TV news story, or read some of the press covering the event. There's also a slide show of our open house. Our lab has now moved to the new facility as well- expect new photos on the instrumentation page soon.

12.02.11  Interview in UNCG research highlights publication

The November issue of the Discovery research newsletter, a publication highlighting new research at UNCG, features an interview with Adam about the group's efforts towards footprinting DNA-bound proteins using solid-state nanopores. The interview starts on pg. 12. 

11.20.11  Hybrid nanopore paper featured in special focus issue of Nature Nanotechnology

Research on hybrid biological/solid-state nanopores is among those featured in a special issue of Nature Nanotechnology, focusing on the rapidly expanding field of nanopore technology.

11.01.11  Poster Presented at American Vacuum Society meeting

We had a poster on display at the 2011 American Vacuum Society meeting in Nashville, TN. There were several focus session on applications of the helium ion microscope, of which ours was a unique example.

10.17.11  Presentation at American Electrophoresis Society meeting

Some of our nanopore work was featured at the 2011 AES conference in Minneapolis, MN in Topical session 3: AES Microfluidics: Bioanalytical Applications.


08.10.11  Special session at Microscopy & Microanalysis 2011

Adam was invited by Carl Zeiss as a special evening speaker at M&M 2011 to talk about the use of helium ion microscopy in nanopore research. There was a lot of interest and some great feedback.


07.12.11  Welcome to the newest member of the team!

Adam's son Marshall was born at 9:38 PM at a whopping 9 lb 9 oz and is already looking pretty inquisitive about how the world works. It's only a matter of time before he's helping out around the lab.

06.11.11   Nanopore paper published in Nanotechnology

A new method of fabricating solid-state nanopores using helium ion microscope milling is described in a new manuscript published in the journal Nanotechnology. The study was done in collaboration with scientists at Carl Zeiss. This is the first paper published on work done entirely at the JSNN. Check it out at our publications page.
06.08.11   North Carolina Biotechnology Center grant accepted!

We are happy to announce that the NC Biotechnology Center will fund the group's nanopore work! During this project, we will examine further the ability of solid-state nanopores to detect DNA-bound proteins. This work is intended to lead towards a future diagnostic device capable of rapid disease diagnosis. Thank you NCBC! See the press release here.


05.16.11   Nanopore work featured in
Nano Letters

Work started in Delft and completed here at JSNN has just been published in the journal
Nano Letters. The paper describes a method for translocating individual single-wall carbon nanotubes through a solid-state nanopore. The technique could potentially be used in the future to sort individual nanotubes based on their electrical properties. You can find the paper on our publications page.

04.29.11   Nano Days at NCSU

Adam, along with some of the JSNN students and staff, took part in the annual
Nano Days event over on the Centennial Campus of NC State, in which he presented demos about nanoscience to school-age students. Estimates were that 1500-2000 students passed through, many of whom were in town for the Science Olympiad in Raleigh. Thanks to Gail Jones for the invite!

04.25.11   Group helps middle school students with NASA experiment

Just a few days before the scheduled launch, we helped the local participants of the
Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) prepare the materials that will fly on the final Endeavor shuttle flight. The students designed their own experiment, which aims to find out how zero gravity effects the growth of brine shrimp. Press for the event can be found here: 12, 3, 4. JSNN was involved in the program from the proposal stage. Congratulations to the group from Mendenhall!

03.06.11   Research presented at Biophysical Society Meeting

Adam presented a poster entitled "Hybrid Biological/Solid-State Nanopores" at the 55th annual Biophysical Society meeting in Baltimore, MD. The meeting was a big success and offered the opportunity to make several new connections both in the field of nanopores and those doing research in other areas of biophysics.

11.28.10   Nanopore work featured in 
Nature Nanotechnology

Some of the final work performed during Adam's postdoc at TU Delft is now available online from 
Nature Nanotechnology. The paper describes a novel method to create a hybrid biological/solid-state nanopore and may be used in future sequencing technologies. The english press release can be seen here. The high-res version of the image can be seen by clicking at left.

Press for this work can be found here: 
1  2  3  4  5  6
Ook, een in het Nederlands, als je vindt dat leuk: 

(image: Cees Dekker Lab TU Delft/Tremani) 

07.29.10  Group Start

The group begins its work! We have temporary space to begin with that will eventually be moved to the new JSNN building (left) upon its completion (planned by 2012). Find out more about the campus